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The Real Life Bridge is the bridge between you and your health.

It is on the way to be effective and have a say in terms of the most appropriate treatment, the highest quality service and meeting the expectations of the patients who prefer Turkey. Our company, which will act as a bridge in order to provide quality and reliable services in all kinds of health and aesthetic services for all countries of the world, will soon become the point of choice.

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Why U.S?

Why should you come to Turkey for Medical Tourism?

Turkey is the leader when it comes to medical tourism. Economic costs, better services, experienced medical professionals, alternative treatments and many more add to Turkey's appeal for medical purposes. Here are some points that indicate why you should visit Turkey for medical tourism:

Low cost treatments
The economic cost of medical treatments in Turkey compared to many other countries in the world is an important reason for the growth of medical tourism. In fact, you can usually expect to save at least 50% when seeking medical care in Turkey compared to other countries. Medical treatment includes actual medical bills as well as travel expenses such as airfare, hotels, meals and other services. In fact, the cost of some treatments in Turkey is less than 10% of the cost available in the developed countries of the world. While medical care is of the highest quality, prices are not high.
Medical Visa Eligibility
Medical Visa in Turkey is a special visa for all medical tourists in the country. The 'M' Visa can be obtained easily. Compared to other developed countries, visas are issued in Turkey in a very short time. Both family members can travel for treatment with the patient. The Republic of Turkey is making great efforts to provide visas to patients as soon as possible. Visa to travel to Turkey for medical purposes can be obtained within 72-100 hours. In addition, patients with the most life-threatening medical complications are given priority. Therefore, there is virtually no long waiting period for most life-changing or life-saving procedures. The initial duration of the visa is one year or the duration of treatment, whichever is less. In addition, a maximum of three visits per year is valid.
Emergency Medical Treatments
Another good thing about visiting Turkey for medical tourism is the availability of emergency treatments. Compared to developed countries where patients have to wait weeks or even months for treatment, let alone control appointments; Turkey prioritizes treatments and there is no waiting period. You should visit Turkey for faster treatments. You can easily make an appointment with the specialists, get the procedure done and get rid of your disease as soon as possible.
First-class services and maintenance
When it comes to healthcare, Turkey has first-class services. Hospitals provide first-class care to each of their patients. With hospitable care, people feel at home. Typical Western-style accommodation, bespoke meals, language translators, personal assistance and more excellent services are all part of medical treatments in Turkey. Alternative Therapies Although medical tourism in Turkey is not based on a single type of medicine, it is open to alternative treatments. Natural holistic treatments in the country have attracted large numbers of tourists for centuries and they are true to health and wellness to this day. Both of these ancient health and wellness sciences are more than 5000 years old, but still have fascinating solutions for most health problems. However, it should be noted that these alternative treatments work best with medical treatment.
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